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RunAbout PLUS
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Standard Edition
Raplus With Battery EU
Raplus With Battery US
RaPlus With Warp Core
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according to our shipping forwarder, with 4px shipping and singapore post we can only ship battery inside the AMP

that means only 1 can be shipped along with RA plus, we have lower the fee accordingly

and we can ship no battery with ePacket and EMS !!!!

we will change the photo real soon, for now, plz understand u r getting 1 charger and 1 battery for this

We may ship your package by 4PX Express. Because it can ship battery. You can track it on


VE's description of the RA:

RUNABOUT(RA) is Venture Electronics' first portable amp. It is a classical OP + BUF design with two gain settings (Low Gain=3.4X, High Gain=5.7X). The output voltage swing is 3V RMS. Driving 32ohm@ 150mW and 300ohm@ 55mW, it is designed to work with most dynamic driver based earphones and headphones.
RA uses a single 9V battery (6F22 type), DC to DC voltage boost, replaced by a virtual grounds / 3 channel headphone amp design. This is a very classic design and has been implemented in many successful amps from various established brands. While using TLE2426 as the power managing chip, we chose BUF634 to be RA's buffer & isolation chip. Not only it can effectively solve the capacitive load caused by self-excited oscillation and related issues, it also became the solid foundation of the implementing high-current OP / BUF for the amp section.
The amp section consists of 2 x JRC4556AD, a low voltage, high output current OPA chip. Along with its input stage BJT design (similar to more popular OPA chips like OPA2604, OPA2132, etc.), this design offers less background noise and increased stability with low impedance audio source. RA uses a large negative feedback loop, and resistors are added between the OPA chips to regulate and isolate the current. The added bead design in the output section further ensures its stability.

The Warp core can not be charged and power the Amplifier in the same time. It will damage the battery. Please use the DC to power Amplifier when you charge the Warp core.




Model:                                                           RunAbout Plus

Connector Complement:                             1×3.5mm stereo jack for Input     1×3.5mm stereo jack for Output      1×DC005 power jack for DC adapter

Frequency Response:                                   20Hz-20KHz,±0.3dB

Maximum Current Output:                          0.07A

Maximum Voltage Output:                          2.6V RMS/5.3V RMS(with 16.8v warp core {external rechargeable battery pack} )

Maximum Power Output,32ohm:             150mW RMS per channel/150mW RMS per channel(with 16.8v warp core {external rechargeable battery pack})

Maximum Power Output,300ohm:           20mW RMS per channel/90mW RMS per channel(with 16.8v warp core {external rechargeable battery pack})

Maximum Power Output,600ohm:           10mW RMS per channel/50mW RMS per channel(with 16.8v warp core {external rechargeable battery pack})

THD:                                                             ≤0.05%,20Hz-20KHz,1V RMS

IMD:                                                             ≤0.06%,1V RMS

SNR:                                                             ≥94dB,1V RMS,unweighted,gain=10.5dB

Crosstalk:                                                     ≥90dB,20Hz-20KHz

Output Impedance:                                      0.7ohm

Gain:                                                             3.35(10.5dB),5.7(15.1dB)

Topology:                                                     OP+BUF,precision virtual ground reference,isolated power supply

Power Supply:                                              1×9V 6F22 Battery,or 18V DC adapter

Power Consumption:                                     0.072W

Size:                                                              4.33×2.83×1.06(in)

Weight:                                                         200g(without battery)