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Zen LL
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The best sleeping-bud and the earbud that can easily rule the world (excluding the sun and zen series haha.) and how you can upgrade your Zen LL & Zen Lite to it. (time limited offer only for this month).

and it is the best fitting for most of ppl who can't wear monk plus hours at a time.

retail 158usd only (basically the price of the cable)

and you can upgrade from Zen Lite / Zen LL (yes , i know it was free lol, but the feedbacks i got were totally worth it)

at 88USD

So a lot of the times I would wanna something that I can use for hours when I am watching movies/ tv series/ anime or playing games or simply to enjoy music when I am not in the full on mode (defiant + zen su), even it is not as good.

then I started with Zen Lite which sounded a bit too demanding for its cause, then the Zen lite was almost perfect, but I wanna to have the very best for its something that I will spend the most time with.

at the beginning it was really hard to pull the cable through, eventually we find the solution by wasting a bit extra cables (from the pic, u can see how big the cable is haha)

after some careful consideration, I think it is only fair to allow our clansmen to upgrade from the Zen lite / Zen LL to this special edition.

and plz understand that this is going to be a very time limited offer, you can always buy them later, but I will charge u credits on top of its retail price.