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We also have 3.5trrs version. If you want 3.5trrs, please contact us.Please note that 3.5trrs only can be used on Particular Digital Player, not for cellphone or PC. 3.5SE is the typical jack on cellphone, PC and digital player.

The Monk Plus has made a name in the audiophile community because of its insane price-to-performance ratio. It was the brainchild of our founder, tuned to perfection by our chief sound engineer, KK. We sought to differentiate ourselves from the competition by offering you an experience like no other.

The Monk Plus are tuned to have a balanced sound signature. You can tweak the sound signature to your liking by switching between the various foams provided. The Monk Plus can scale in proportion to the quality of your source gear. Amplification will help push the Monk Plus to the next level. If you don’t already have an amplifier, you can consider getting one of our amplifiers. We would recommend starting with the RA Plus.

Our Facebook Community or Customer Service can assist you should you require further assistance. Simply click the “Facebook” icon at the top of the website or click the “Contact” icon.




If you are able to choose ePacket during checkout, 

it is wise to choose it as it is generally much faster, 

at about 1-2 weeks compared to other options which usually takes 1-2 months.




We cater to audiophiles who understand what audio is about. Is the Monk Plus suitable for you? Just answer the following question.

What do you think of a infamous brand of headphone created by Dr Dre? 

Here is a simple question:

A. Crap

B. Good for decoration

C. Earmuffs for winter

D. Best headphones ever


If your answer is D, the Monk is not for you. Otherwise, go ahead and buy the Monk.

We take great care of people who support and respect us. Contact us if you need any assistance with your order.



This is the only official store of Venture Electronics. 

We do not condone any form of disrespect. Contact us before starting a “dispute”, or action will be taken to blacklist you. If you ordered using AE shipping, you can start a dispute if you do not receive your order after 60 days. AE will refund you accordingly.

Info on Mic Versions   

We implement the CTIA standards for our Monk Plus with Mic as most smartphones nowadays uses it.

The 1 button mic version can be used with Android/iOS devices.

IOS 3 button mic version works with all Apple devices.

Android 3 button mic version works with all Android devices.



Shipping Fee 

Shipping fee is automatically calculated. Please make sure you add everything into the shopping cart , then pay as one order. The system will re-calculate the shipping fee accordingly.


+++++   SOUND   +++++




You maybe sitting there and asking, "But, Igor! Where exactly are all of my $5 really going?", and the answer is here. This is where all the fu‘ss is located.


The Monk is by far the best earbud I've heard to date, and yes, I've been hearing a lot about VE's TOTL earbud the VE Zen, but I have not yet auditioned it and my statement stays true at the moment of me writing this review. 


The way I like to describe the VE Monk sounds is like listening to decent bookshelf speakers, or maybe even a full sized open headphone. To describe the Monk in a few words, it would be: natural, organic, open, immersing and detailed. The overall sound signature is quite balanced, somewhat low to mid fi in terms of clarity, and with a really awesome soundstage that is very immersing and natural.




+++++   TREBLE   +++++

Treble is clear and present, without any noticeable peaks or dips. It's detailed enough to get pops and static, but a little cloudy in the lower regions. No sibilance what so ever, even in sibilant prone tracks. Cymbals shimmer but are a little smoothed. The treble maybe a little slow but it's enjoyable.





+++++   MIDS   +++++





Mids are maybe just a tad forward but mostly neutral. They are full and warm but can get a slightly chesty, but not too much and can get a little shouty at high volumes. Vocals and acoustics is where the Monks really shine with it's smooth and organic timber for both female and male vocals. Dare I say that there is a little bit of the Grado sound going on here. 

The transition from the bass and to the treble is impeccable and extremely smooth.





+++++   BASS   +++++


The bass is great and very impressive for an earbud. There is a lot of warmth that fills the whole spectrum. Mid and upper bass is very neutral and is reasonable fast and punchy. Of course, because you cannot really get a proper seal with an earbud, this means that the bass rolls off quite dramatically after around 100Hz, so sub-bass frequencies are loss completely, even at high volumes. 



+++++   Soundstage & Imaging   +++++


You get the full concert experience when you listen to live recordings, especially orchestral recordings. The soundstage is really wide and deep, but in a very natural way. I don't really know how to put my finger on it, but I think there's some kind of resonance or reverb going on that makes them sound super open and very accurate and articulate in placement. This is probably what I'm mostly fond about with the Monk, as I am a huge sucker for great imaging.







Impedance     64Ω

Sensitivity       118dB/1mW

Frequency range     20-22000 Hz (±10dB)

Rated Power   1200mW  

Line Length   1.2m(±2cm)

Driver Diameter    15.4mm

Size (diameter of shell)   16.8mm


Hello, thank you for choosing VE.
Our customer services will not work in Chinese New Year. But you can leave us message.
We will respond you after the Holidays. All the warranty period will extend 10 days.

We are deeply sorry about the shipping delay during our Chinese New Year holiday season,
which is the longest, biggest and the most important holiday for us Chinese.

We will stop shipping during 09/02/2021-19/02/2021. All the shipping agencies will not work in these days.
The orders in Chinese New Year will be sent after the Holidays.

All the shipping from China may delay. Please bear with us just a bit longer(normally 7 days ) and happy holidays.

to find more info on VE and to know more about our community, feel free to join our Facebook group and join VE Clan !