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Megatron + Asura 3.0FE 4.4TRRRS
Megatron With MP Black Coffee 3.5SE
Megatron + fury MONK PLUS
Megatron With MP Black Coffee 2.5TRRS
Megatron +master
With Clip on mic+75Ω Adapter
Megatron + Asura 3.0FE 3.5SE
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Warning ! Megatron is designed exclusively for "harder to drive stuff", like our premium earbuds / all the proper full size headphones and a few IEMs, especially the planar IEMs, and this is NOT meant for those super easy to drive IEMS, it is just simply not designed for that~

Megatron SAGA (the creation process, from the pre-ordering to final Q&A)from our official Youtube channel

buying guide

though native 4.4 termination is recommended , simply let us know if you wanna the earphones to be terminated differently (at no extra cost), any adapter (BAL to BAL or BAL to SE adapters) when bought together with the bundles are 10usd only.

We, for the time being, are still selling the Megatron also by themselves at no extra cost, but the queue will be different than bundle purchase, contact us for more details.

impressions from our fans

Andy EF A.K.A the creator of # donglemadness

"VE MEGATRON. The essence of this device is simple, it is a purist unit designed for very specific purposes. MEGATRON is practically a desktop class DAC/Amp that “borrows” the dongle moniker simply by being NOT self-powered (no battery inside). But I can easily tell that MEGATRON totally smashed the competition if I am comparing it with my previous DAC/Amp of Topping D10s/A50s stack, or the duo of my Cayin N6ii E02 and N3 Pro DAPs. The only thing that Topping stack winning against MEGATRON, D10s/A50s being cleaner sounding with highly sensitive stuffs. MEGATRON on the other hand will just not work with those sensitive IEMs especially multi driver hybrids. Compared versus the Cayin DAPs, the DAPs does have slightly cleaner AUX feed for external Amp, but that’s about it."

Felix talked about how the megatron is worth his time and effort.

Is Megatron worth the wait? Absolutely, YES.This one mega-dongle can replace both your portable (android) and desktop system. The sound is excellent. The flexibility of the multiple output ports and line out makes for quite the versatile core of your audio system. In all ways one may look at it, Megatron will be a game changer. Get ready.

Ignatius on top of giving his impressions

Audio related:

1. Vinyl-like sound (warmish analogue with smooth details and perfect timbre). This can be both pros and cons, depends on your preference.

2. Decent dynamic range and texture, able to render nuances nicely.

3. It-is-what-it-is soundstage both depth and width (not faking things, like ,say , hidisz s9 pro for example). Similar to how W2, Focusrite Clarett+ and Apogee Apollo Twin renders.

4. On very extremely busy track, es9018 shows its age. Imaging ability is heavily impacted. However, it does add to the vinyl like quality. (Neutral, hw limitation)

5. Extremely powerful. Maintains Dynamic Range and linearity on high amping requirements

(Whoever claimed it has voltage swing must be drunk. Either that or received broken unit)

6. 0 hissing issues with well designed IEM, especially ones with stabilised linear impedance circuitry. Do note that I'm not aware any consumer IEM implement such design, so most prob you will only be able to pair planar IEMs with Megatron. No hissing on any headphones.

Non-audio related:

7. PD works. However, do note that PPS doesn't work, let alone proprietary logic like Vooc/Warp charging.

8. Built like a tank. Very nice finishing. Easily pass as a premium product.

also gave his pairing choices, again synergy matters.

Best pairing ranked1. Edition XS/Ananda2. Asura 3.03. HE4XX4. Mee Pinaccle P15. Shure SE215-CL

Worst pairing ranked1. ATH M50 (overly warm)2. KZ CRN (a hissing mess)3. Monk Go (overly warm)4. Shure SE215 SPE (boomy)

I strongly advise that you join our groups if you have any doubt about the megatron before making a purchase, thanks again for all your support, megatron wont be happening without you guys !





Hello, thank you for choosing VE.
Our customer services will not work in Chinese New Year. But you can leave us message.
We will respond you after the Holidays. All the warranty period will extend 10 days.

We are deeply sorry about the shipping delay during our Chinese New Year holiday season,
which is the longest, biggest and the most important holiday for us Chinese.

We will stop shipping during 09/02/2021-19/02/2021. All the shipping agencies will not work in these days.
The orders in Chinese New Year will be sent after the Holidays.

All the shipping from China may delay. Please bear with us just a bit longer(normally 7 days ) and happy holidays.

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