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CX31993 HD Dongle
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with Monk Lite Gold Black
with Monk Lite Gold Black U
with Monk Lite SPC
with BIE no mic
with BIE 1click mic
AVANI+ monk lite
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Abigail is a NOT-By-VE product, we have a few of those that we didn't design and not willing to stick our name to it cuz of that,but this dongle is super awesome with our Monk Lite s cuz it has more than enough juice to spare for earbuds in general.

for more info ... plz read this post special thanks to #donglemadness we have 3 listed combo if you wanna other combo..plz let us know via private chat!cheersLeep.s. what you are getting is what you see from the "color" section when you click on it

What is the difference between Odyssey, AVANI and Abigail? Thanks for Andyaudio research.

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