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Asura 3.0FE
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here is a bit of our history

OG Monk is about a slightly more refined classic Earbud sound~

then our 1.0 Era

Zen 1.0 , Asura 1.0 , Monk v2 

1.0 Era is all about making earbuds having a fairly modern unlike the classic Earbud's warmish sound in general.

then our 2.0 Era

Zen 2.0,  Asura 2.0(s) , Monk Plus

2.0 Era is all about making earbuds having a bigger sound that makes us miss the sound of our full size open can/ speakers less without suffering through the hottest from our full size can / and not to invite our loved ones to get pissed at us for just enjoying our music with our speakers...and it did a great job with that.

and Now our 3.0 Era

started with Monk GO to Monk SM and now the Asura 3.0FE

A lot of companies are like...making earbuds sounding more like IEMs withou even retaining what is good about the earbuds...openess , smoothness, neutral yet very relaxed sound.....

So what we are doing is simply to make earbuds with IEM kind of Details, but retaining all that is good ..... 

Sort of like bringing what is good about 1.0 and 2.0 together in a very harmoic way~

plz everything we are selling we started the project from last year...and even before...cuz of the pandemic all the projects last year got pushed to this year and we will need more time to do more awesomeness ...plz do not expect us to be like all the other brands......we rather do it right ....than rush it ...

So Asura 3.0FE is something we spent tons of effort to refine...even designed a Brand NEW cable for it~

Dual insulation Copper Slim Edition...







Hello, thank you for choosing VE.
Our customer services will not work in Chinese New Year. But you can leave us message.
We will respond you after the Holidays. All the warranty period will extend 10 days.

We are deeply sorry about the shipping delay during our Chinese New Year holiday season,
which is the longest, biggest and the most important holiday for us Chinese.

We will stop shipping during 09/02/2021-19/02/2021. All the shipping agencies will not work in these days.
The orders in Chinese New Year will be sent after the Holidays.

All the shipping from China may delay. Please bear with us just a bit longer(normally 7 days ) and happy holidays.

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