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VE Basic IC
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Updated on 21st April 2017

We had 2 customers complaing that our mmcx connector does not fit se215~ since nobody else is having any similar prob, I will say for the time being, till we go with a new connector, I should not take any mmcx order for se215~ plz do not order~

those who have ordered~ plz do contact me~
for a refund (or replacement again at ur own risk, after the replacement)

Or if u have to try ur luck, u r trying it at ur own risk.

Updated on 14th March 2017

sorry about the guys~

As promised , this is the cable for he400i and most of the current hifiman cans (be sure if it is urs is the 2.5mm version, before u buy them plz)

the hd700 2.5mm one will work on most of these cans as well, but this new one is cheaper lol.


2.5mm he400i pm1 6.35mm

accordingly ,if u wanna them.

2.5mm he400i pm1 xlr 4pin


Updated on 9th March 2017,

We are very serious about our product and our service.

Plz contact us within 7 days if you have any issue with ur orders on our cables.

Like always , we take good care of our own.

But you are on your own after these period, like anything from us, 

they will last for ages if treated with basic care.


Regarding the Basic Cable , u can find all ur answers that are going to be answered in this topic here in this post

All headphone cables are 1.2meter in length and u can order them in other length with extra fee, plz feel free to contact me at

ppl always ask me , what kind of cable it is 

here is a detailed photo of Basic A

Basic B is just good copper (4n OFC, so I guess the picture is not that important lol)