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3.5SE NO MIC WITH Abigail Pro 3.5
3.5SE MIC-U WITH Abigail Pro 3.5
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Vita 4.4TRRRS WITH Abigail Pro 4.4
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the clan has spoken~

I will sell them for a whole day ~

from 31st July 22:00 to 1st Aug 22:00

we will have limited stock to ship, but we will fulfill them all over time.

like I have mentioned before the VITA bundle deal will be a one-time-offer~

thanks again for your support



p.s. we can ship at least 50sets per month, but no more than 100~


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danny's impression

Hey there guys! Here's my take on the Venture Electronics Azure's. This is my first review/first impression ever so I apologize in advance if any mistakes were made.

Sources used:

• Hiby R5 Sabre Pro

• VE Megatron

Moondrop Moonriver 2

• VE Defiant SE(only used with vita cable)

Test Tracks used:(all tracks were played on Apple Music)

• Until I found you - Stephan Sanchez

• Song of the ancients (devola) - keiichi Okabe

• The adults are talking - The Strokes

• Rosanna - Toto

• Real Emotion - Kumi Koda

• Here comes the sun - The Beatles

• Touch - Daft Punk

Tips used:

•Moondrop Spring tips(my ears can't fit any other tips, it just hurtsXD)

Cable's used:

• Normal cable that comes with the Azure's

• VE Vita cable

Credits to Jin & Amos for lending me the Azure's and DFSE ❤

The Venture Electronics Azure, the little blue gem that could. When Jin first showed me the Azure's, I was handsdown mesmerized. The 3D printed blue resin was gleaming brightly under the sun. Playing around with the iem themselves, I found myself cracking a smile on how good it felt in the hands. It weighs almost nothing but gives off this premium feel. Further investigating the Azure's, I could see that the bottom part of the iem is somewhat see through under the lightly tinted shell. The Azure's itself both house 2 pin connectors making it easier to cable roll(sorry mmcx lovers XD)

I started off with using the standard cables that comes with the Azure's. The cable itself looks like the one's that comes with the monk plus. Beforehand, the blue gem's appear to sound neutral themselves with slight bass. The monk plus cables itself makes the Azure sound slightly dark. Starting with the R5(Dap alone, volume @46%, high gain), vocals are slightly forward while instruments are somewhat recessed. While listening to "Song of the ancients". The female vocalist was almost close to the face kinda vibe. The thumps of the hand drums and strums of an acoustic guitar could be heard clearly but slightly distant. This setup itself has body but lacks resolution. Soundstage was quite narrow with  small headroom.

Continuing on with Megatron (volume @20%), while listening to "Until I found you", I found that the mids are much better with this setup. Vocals were slightly harsh due to the Megatron being warm and details couldn't really be heard. String instruments sounded much better with the Megatron.

Moving on to the Moonriver 2(low gain, volume@12%), the Azure gleamed. Everything sounded much more balanced. It was neutral leaning towards slight warmth. "Rosanna" really sang with this setup. Vocals were well together with the instruments. Strums of guitars and pounding of drums both had good body and resolution. Headspace was slightly bigger(you can hear the dude with the bongos in the songXD). The best pairing so far with the monk plus cables.

After changing to the vita cable's, the whole scene changed. The Azure's had stepped up it's game. Pairing the R5 with the Megatron (volume at 8%), surprisingly, the Azure's were balanced with the mids being somewhat forward. Listening to "Real emotion", you could hear "Yuna" clearly with a good sense or resolution. At certain points of the track, she can be heard to be quite shouty. The riff of the guitar gives a sense of energy when Yuna crescendos while the drums supports with giving a defined beat. A very lovely listening sesh. Going on with the Moonriver 2(low gain, volume @7%), this is when the Azure's shined. It had a defined balanced signature with a hint of warmth to it. Both body and resolution were "thicc" in a sense. Listening to "Touch", the beeps and boops made by the modular synthesizer were well defined while Paul Williams synthesized voice slowly kicked in. Unsynthesized, Paul Williams voice had so much energy in it. Pairing with the synth, guitar and drums coming to the peak of the track, it harmonized spectacularly. The kick of the kickdrums were well emphasized. The soundstage was quite a sight to behold. It felt like the whole Daft Punk crew were performing solely for me XD.

While I was packing my gear, satisfied with the results I got, Amos slid right into my dm's by shoving the DFSE to my hands. "Owh Lordy, here we go" I thought. I took out the R5 and connected it to the DFSE's lineout and low and behold. The Azure's blew apart everything I had just experienced for the last 4 hours. Going with "Here comes the sun", it was practically a magical tour indeed. Everything was musical. The Azure's grew another level with having a much higher resolution and a much more thicker body. It was to a point you can hear/feel the texture of the fingers when George Harrison strumed(is that the correct term? xD) of the sitar. Soundstage was much more wider with each instrumentsl clearly identifyable. Amos almost had to pry the DFSE outta my hands when we were about to leave(starpicker btw).

In conclusion, being an expensive amp to a dap or just a dongle, The Azures were able to shine it's way through all of it. Going by your preferences, cable rolling will really help the Azure shine. I personally prefer a more neutral tone with slight warmth, hence the moonriver and the Azure's are just the perfect pair for me for the time being(got my eyes on you DFSE XD). With the coming flash sale around the corner, I hope everyone has the chance to be able to get their hands on these blue gems of an iem. That's all for now folks, hopefully my review helps you with your purchase and again, I apologize for

the noob review(ngl was kinda nervous typing this out XD). Take care folks and have a great weekend!




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