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Virus disruptor with Monk plus no mic
Virus disruptor with Monk lite no mic
Virus disruptor with Monk lite spc no mic
Virus disruptor with Monk plus spc no mic
Virus disruptor with Monk plus spc mic-u
Virus disruptor with BIE no mic
Virus disruptor with BIE mic-u
Virus disruptor with ZEN LL (3.5 se)
RunAbout PLUS(Standard)
RunAbout PLUS With Warp Core
Runabout 2.0 BAL Lite(Standard)
Virus disruptor with Odyssey hd
3D masks x 10(GB/T32610-2016 B certified)
3 layer medical masks x50
Virus disruptor bundle (normal shipping rate)
medical masks x10+ Monk plus no mic+Ex-pack LITE
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piece (999 pieces available)
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Warranty & Returns

Sorry. We only send parcels by Aliexpress now. All the shipping may delay, it's because 

of the Virus. Please make order on our Aliexpress store. Their shipping has insurrance.

I don't wanna do something when everybody is doing it~

we were the first to start and we did a hell lot~ now it is going to be a different time.

We will only give away free masks from now on. (US FDA approved , confirm from the link  & pic below)




The bundles above is at least around 450gram in actual weight, so shipping with anything other than Aliexpress shipping is going to cost a lot more than the items themselves, not to even mention that no guarantee if shipped with any other shipping methods, therefore we listed them on AE only, and we are not allowed to list the masks or the uv-c light publically, and I don't think we will be allowed to ship the masks buy themselves. so here is the link (below) for your purchase.

demo video of our Viru Disruptor (more specs below)



And this is the detailed information on what you are getting from us for free with all your purchases till the end of the Virus Outbreak, VEClan has a strict non-negotiable / no-discount policy to be fair for all our customers, we only give lower price for earlier purchases, however, this is a special time, we can bend the rules a bit to give some free stuff for people's survivial, again puting my money where my mouth is, you will need masks to lower the chance being infected. And even we are only slowing the virus down, it is going to at least give our hospitals some breathing room, if we ran out of room to treat people in the hospital , the death rate will spike like it did in Wuhan, and it is doing in the current Italy and Spain. 

And all purchase directly from use including 

our site

our Aliexpress store

our taobao store 

(you do have to tell us that you are from overseas ,cuz we dont really need masks inside China now, therefore , this is a exclusive deal for our clansmen outside of Mainland China)

you will get the same deal. 



!!!Caution~~~plz read all below before making any purchase at all, yeah I know it is a bit looooong!!

1st We are now only giving away masks with bundled purchases.

UV-C light is extremely helpful in the coming days~ plz consider those first.

2nd how fast are we shipping these days?

the goal is to get them out ASAP , but the speed is way worse than even last year's xmas (7days queue for DHL hk)

so for the site , we will just stick with dhl and sf express to hongkong and taiwan.

Aliexpress has the best shipping rate / speed after dhl during the virus outbreak, cuz they do their own shipping from China to your country then they let the local post office take over!

3rd why should u trust me ? well you can join our facebook group to know more about me and our team.


And, yes , it is inspired by the infamous romulan disruptor! on top of that , it is even legal ~


Virus disruptor 

does NOT include a power bank ~or a 5v usb charger~

I have promised something we can use for both survive of the virus outbreak as well as for our daily EDC earphones (and other stuff as well).

This is a portable UV-light-bag ~ which is done perfectly for the masks, I won't recommend you to use ur mask over one day, but during the day you are using it, like from home to work (as most ppl wont be wearing masks ), a 30-60 mins with this bad boy will give u a way better with all virus and germs~

Since UV light is really bad for human skin and eyes , we put it in a bag( how kk turning it on is actually wrong lol, but he did it to show u that it works lol)

and by putting it in a bag , we are actually giving it a huge power boost cuz the light own "escape" as it would with other portable uv-light!

We will bundle it with our product starting from

I can picture this is something you will still use day in a day out even after the corona virus outbreakt!



simple spec

power input: DC-5V (charger / powerbank)

power consumption: 3.0w (±20%)

effective capacity: 2.17w(typical)

wave length :253.57nm(UV-C)

radiation strengthen : 2600μW/c㎡ (3 times of the medical grade requirement)

device life span:100000 hours +

recommended usage duration:60~90mins

virus elimination rate:>= 99.99%+ (5 mins of exposure )


And even with DHL, you are doing it at your own risk, we will try everything we can to speed things up.

If you want to use cheaper shipping with a full guarantee of your money back if they don't arrive in time , please buy it on Aliexpress.